Eye Floaters – Vitreous Opacity or Light of Consciousness?

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Floaters between Science and Religion, A challenge to Ophthalmology, Visual Nervous System, Migraine Aura.

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  • (Softcover, 88 s. and 24 ill.)

We all have them, most of us see them, but only a few people pay attention to them: the scattered, transparent and mobile dots and strands in our field of vision. In ophthalmology, they are called “eye floaters” and explained as vitreous opacities.

But is this explanation correct? In this book, the author Floco Tausin follows the seers’ experience that eye floaters are not a cloudiness of the vitreous humour, but a shining structure and an expression of our state of consciousness.

In this collection of previously published and revised texts, the author reconciles the physiological, the ophthalmological and the seers’ understanding of floaters. Eye floaters are discussed as a phenomenon between science and religion, as a challenge to ophthalmology, as an expression of our visual nervous system, and as a starting point to an alternative spiritual treatment of migraine headache.