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Medicine and religion - The spiritual dimension of the migraine aura

(PDF-File by Floco Tausin)

In the 1990s, pracitioners of orthodox scientific medicine engaged in dialogs with much earnest and passion about the unification of religion and medicine. It was shown in more than 100 studies that complaints and illnesses like diabetes, liver disorders, heart conditions, cancer, arthritis, chronic pains and others are soothed more easily if the patient is spiritually active. It is recognized by now that religious people generally enjoy more quality of life, live more healthily and longer and tend less to depression and suicide – provided that it is a religion which emphasizes positive human values like love, justice, welfare, freedom, etc. The reason for the physical effect of religion and spirituality is not cleared in detail yet since it has to be looked for in the complex relationship of body and mind. Generally, it is acknowledged that religions regulate the feelings of the people and therefore have an effect on the immune
system and the psyche.

This article is a contribution to this development. It intends to examine the phenomenon of the migraine aura from the spiritual view and therefore to understand migraine as a physical and spiritual condition which corresponds to lived spirituality and, from there, is accessible and changeable…