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2/2013 (no. 18)


Open eye meditation on eye floaters.



Open eye meditation on eye floaters

This is the latest issue of "Holistic Vision", the spiritual project by the author and consciousness researcher Floco Tausin. It is devoted to a phenomenon known as idiopathic or harmless "eye floaters" or "muscae volitantes" (see pictures) among ophthalmologists. We see them as scattered, mobile, transparent dots and strings in our visual field. "Holistic Vision" includes ophthalmology but questions its conclusion on floaters and goes beyond. For the observation and open eye meditation reveals a connection between altered states of consciousness and the way floaters look. Furthermore, a look at different cultures highlights floaters as an object of art and spirituality. By this "holistic vision", Floco Tausin pursues the question whether these spheres and strings are first appearances of a shining structure of consciousness within which we cover a distance to our spiritual origin – a path that lights up through open eye meditation.

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1) Lead Story: no lead story
2) Nestor's Knowledge on Eye Floaters: the static and the dynamic effect of the basic structure
3) Readers’ Hints, Experiences, and Pictures: eye floaters and pregnancy
4) Arts: "Painless Torture" by Andrej Piatkowski
5) Science: "A Psychological Perspective of Eye Floaters" by Sabrina Cipolletta et al.
6) Last but not Least: readers comments on the Holistic Vision Project


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Lead Story

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Mouches Volantes - Eye Floaters as Shining Structure of Consciousness.


Nestor's Knowledge on Eye Floaters

The static and the dynamic effect of the basic structure

Eye floaters and their meaning were interpreted differently depending on the time, culture and personality of the observer. We learn a spiritually meaningful perspective about floaters from Nestor, the seer, with whom I have studied and whose teachings I recorded in the book "Mouches volantes – Eye Floaters as Shining Structure of Consciousness". In this category, a particular statement from the book on floaters shall be presented and explained.

"You already know the static effect of seeing… This one has to do with the spheres and strands, that is, the basic structure. The dynamic effect, on the other hand, only shows up in extreme situations – moments in which there is a high level of intensity within you, when the amount of energy is extraordinarily large in comparison to what you are able to stand up to. Then we start to perceive tiny luminous spheres moving fast in all directions..."

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Alex Grey Artwork: "Birth" (19,5x14,5 in. signed limited edition of 300).


Readers’ Hints, Experiences, and Pictures

Eye Floaters and pregnancy

"I am glad to have found your perspective on this issue of vision fields and floaters. It is one near to me, and an issue of interest since the birth of my son in 2009. My son had his unique way of entering this physical earth world. At the very very end of our pregnancy my body developed pre-eclampsia. One thing midwife kept asking me if I was seeing any ‘floaters’ or dots in vision..."

"Thanks, Julie, for your interesting report. My knowledge on pregnancy is very limited and, of course, second-hand. Also, while I talked to pregnant women about their state of being and feeling, I’ve never heard about floaters being more intense. However, these women left no doubt that pregnancy is an extraordinary psychophysical state. Or in other words: a state of intensified energy and consciousness. This is culminated in the moments of giving birth to a child..."

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Painless torture? Eye floaters.



"Painless Torture" by Andrej Piatkowski

"Arts" introduces realistic, artistic, and/or spiritual/religious works from different cultures and times which show – or may be inspired by – floaters or other entoptic phenomena.

Thanks to the digitization of visual media and their spread via the internet, we now have easy access to numerous pictures and even some videos that represent floaters from the subjective perspective. One of these videos is Eye-Floaters: "painless torture". It shows in less than a minute how floaters look like from the perspective of a floater sufferer who is walking in a park....

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Individual semistructured interviews with 11 patients at the ophthalmology department of a public hospital in northern Italy.



"A Psychological Perspective of Eye Floaters" by Sabrina Cipolletta et al.

What’s new in the scientific research on floaters and other entoptic phenomena? How do these scientific approaches relate to the holistic view of floaters presented in this project? Find out here.

"Patients experiencing flashes and spots in their perceptive fields often resort to consulting an ophthalmologist without finding an answer, mainly because these symptoms are not necessarily associated with pathology of the eye. The purpose of our research study was to understand the experience of these patients, differentiate among them, and propose different ways of treating them. We carried out an eye examination and echography, individual semistructured interviews, and dependency grids with 11 patients at the ophthalmology department of a public hospital in northern Italy..."

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Thanks, Paules and Astrid for your positive feedback.


Last but not Least

Readers’ comments on the Holistic Vision Project

"Today I was amazed to see almost full circles, not just one but three, Ive never seen anything like this shape before. I then remember you & wondered about doing some research just out of sheer curiosity. … Thought I’d check my email to see if I could remember the name of the floater site, wow who did I discover an email from – exactly the site I was looking for."
-- Paules

"I’m so happy i found you on the internet!!"
-- Astrid

Thanks, Paules and Astrid, for your positive feedback. I hope your curiosity and happiness inspire all of us to brighten our day and illuminate our pictures!
Happy Holidays
-- Floco

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