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Holistic Vision: the Eye floaters Newsletter.


"Holistic Vision"
ISSN 2296-178X
1/2015 (no. 23)

Actual Lead Story:
Luminous Essence
– Floater Structures in the Ancient Mesoamerican Art



Open eye meditation on eye floaters.



Open eye meditation on eye floaters

"Holistic Vision" is the quarterly newsletter by the author and consciousness researcher Floco Tausin. It deals with the medical, cultural and spiritual dimensions of subjective visual phenomena (see picture). Its main topic is the study of a phenomenon called "eye floaters" (or "muscae volitantes") through open eye meditation: Are floaters in reality a shining structure of consciousness within which we cover a distance to our origin?

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News Content

1) Lead Story: Luminous Essence – Floater Structures in the Ancient Mesoamerican Art
2) Nestor's Knowledge: Progress in the shining structure
3) Tips: Floaters as a symptom for Vodun curses
4) Arts: "Floater tables" by Michael
5) Science: Floaters or spaceships? – Erich von Däniken
6) Last but not Least: readers’ comments



The world tree grows out of the head of the Great Goddess of Teotihuacán.

Lead Story

Luminous Essence – Floater Structures in the Ancient Mesoamerican Art

Eye floaters – vitreous opacities or consciousness light? A glimpse into the art and myths of former and non-Western cultures suggests that floaters had a spiritual meaning for many people. This article presents floater motifs and their meaning in pre-Columbian Mesoamerican cultures.

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Mouches Volantes - Eye Floaters as Shining Structure of Consciousness.

Nestor's Knowledge

Progress in the shining structure

"For years now, you’re making your way on the path in the shining structure,« he explained. »And this means that you have slowly advanced through the layers of the right side...."

Our spheres and strings may look the same for years or decades. When observing our floaters, we may realize lateral jumps of the light...

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Yoruba goddess, Oshun, deity of love, wealth, and beauty.

Tips and Experiences

Floaters as a symptom of Vodun curses

"Just imagine a pure glass of clear water and someone dropping frizzy hair in it – that = what it resembles. Just a bunch of hair in water – and this all began when I spoke to ppl who practiced a much more deeper surreal art that comes from west Africa. … It happened after my hand went numb – and I felt a sudden panic/shock after a song was played. Then, I just went for a mental spiral loop..."

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Two kinds of “Floater tables” by Michael, 2015.


"Floater tables" by Michael

Michael knows many entoptic phenomena since childhood, but has not really wondered about or seen a deeper meaning in them so far. Reading "Eye Floaters – The Shining Structure of Consciousness" has not only given him the opportunity to understand his observations in a new light, but also to connect them to his own spiritual experiences and exercises. So when reading about the practice of "doubling"...

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16th-century fresco located on the wall of the Visoki Decani Monastery in Kosovo.


Floaters or spaceships? – Erich von Däniken

Von Däniken, Erich (1970): The sphere – The Ideal Shape for Space-Craft. Chapter in: Return to the stars. Evidence for the Impossible. Souvenir Press Ltd.

Were the gods astronauts in reality? Has the Earth been visited by extraterrestrial beings in prehistoric times? Have we been influenced or even created by them? These questions are at the core of the work of Swiss author Erich von Däniken...

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Radiance from Your Heart ~ Holeman Daniel B Holeman's visionary art!


Last but not Least

Readers comments on the Holistic Vision Project

"Thank you … I‘m glad I‘m not alone with these beliefs."
-- Sundeep

"I started having eye floaters when I was given the ability to see into the spiritual realm. … I truly believe you are correct."
-- Kellie

Thanks for your feedbacks, Sundeep and Kellie. Enjoy seeing light everyone – wherever you focus.
Happy Holidays
-- Floco

Eye floaters imprint-picture

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